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PARALIDIS SA” is one of the leading manufacturing engineering companies in food producing and processing in Greece. It operates in the food industry and particularly in the production and processing of dairy products. The company was founded by Ilias Paralidis in 1974. The responsible and remarkable work of its founder is continued by his descendants, with the same reliability, eagerness and creativity, in combination with a highly trained staff of employees.

Our company manufactures food machinery made of stainless steel, the most suitable material in the field of food industry. Its purpose is the creation and disposal of reliable and latest technology equipment in dairy production and processing industries – process that today, with the expertise and experience of its staff, has become more integrated than ever!

Food processing machinery
Filling and Draining Cheese Mold Conveyor

“PARALIDIS SA” is capable of manufacturing the entire production line of feta cheese. Utilizing the international applied technological advances and constantly developing its practices on gentle and ecological processing of dairy products, our company manufactures machines that can operate independently or as part of an integrated production line.

Our company has the ability to design and manufacture a wide range of specialized food or other product processing equipment, meeting the needs and requirements of each customer. This is our foremost goal!